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Breakfast Club

Munching Monkeys Breakfast Club

Key information relating to our successful and desirable Breakfast Club is documented below. Please contact the School Office if you require any further details.


The Team

The Breakfast Club is supervised by the following members of staff who have the relevant training and experience.

Breakfast Club Co-ordinator:    Mrs G Hanson

Breakfast Club Assistants:        Mrs M Williams, Mrs T Harrison and Mrs A Lynch


The Organisation

  • Breakfast Club doors open at 7.45am and registration takes place as the children arrive.
  • Children must arrive before 8.15am in order for breakfast to be provided. If children arrive after 8.15am breakfast will not be served, as clearing away, organising and preparations for main school needs to take place after this time.
  • Places must to be booked in advance where possible in order to assist with the planning of provisions etc.


The Breakfast Meal - What do we offer?

Drinks:     fresh apple juice, fresh orange, juice, milk, chilled water or hot chocolate

Cereals:  up to 10 different varieties are provided for the children to choose from.

Toast:      toast is provided with butter, jam or marmalade.


Entertainment and Learning

We offer a range of indoor activities including, board games, a creative table, colouring table together with construction and role play areas. Additional fun seasonal activities are also performed throughout the year. Mrs Williams runs the ICT club for KS2 Children. The remaining children are supervised in the main hall where we play group games.


Age and Cost per session

The Breakfast Club is open to all children in school from Early Foundation Stage to Year 6. The cost is £1.50 per day per child. 


Speciality Days

We usually have a number of speciality days, where we provide the following additional meal options.


  • Pancake Day (Wednesday) - Scotch pancakes, hot or cold are served with one of the following toppings-chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, golden syrup or maple syrup.
  • Hot Day (Thursdays - Toast with beans and sausages, ravioli or spaghetti hoops.
  • Chocolate Day (Friday) - Chocolate cereals or chocolate spread on toast.