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                                      Our Art and Design Leader is Miss Kaur




Why is Art and Design important at Northfield?

At Northfield Primary School, we value Art and Design as an important
 part of the children’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum.
 Art and Design provides the children with the opportunities to develop
 and extend skills and an opportunity to express their individual interests,
 thought and ideas.


What does Art and Design look like at Northfield? 




From Year 1 onwards, we have termly units in which the children are introduced to the work of a particular artist, study a specific painting or other work and identify techniques which have proved successful. The final objective is never to attempt to produce an exact copy of the work we are looking at but we do practise details and effects from the original which the children can then begin to use in their own creative work. In this way, they can experiment with and improve their mastery of a wide range of media until they are themselves confident and independent artists while at the same time, learning about art history and making rich and powerful links to other areas of the curriculum.


What do the children at Northfield say about Art?

''I love to use paint, especially when we did our Andy Warhol printing.''    Year 1 

''We get to learn lots about artists and why they are famous.''   Year 2

''I can draw lines that are thick and thin.''    Year 2

''I get to use my  sketchbook to put all of my ideas in.''    Year 2 

'' We are given lots of time to practice our skills''   Year 3

''I enjoy experimenting with paint the most, I can create all the colours that I want for my paintings.''     Year 3 

''I have learnt how to shade darker and lighter using different pencils to show all the different tones in my art work.''    Year 3

'' I like how I can make mistakes and try again when I am drawing.'' Year 4

''I love how we can choose our own materials to draw with.''    Year 5

''Our lessons are really fun, we get to research other artists and use their ideas but still be creative and think of our own ideas.''    Year 6


Our Art and Design Ambassadors 


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Art in Key Stage 2 

Our Art and Design Policy

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