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Key Attendance Documents

Updated policy - Sep 2020 - to include Covid-19 additions

How do we celebrate attendance?
Each week, every class who achieves more than 96% attendance, gets a token for our attendance pictogram.  This is shared at our weekly Attendance Assembly.  The winning class each week also receives a prize to share in class.

Our Attendance Shop

Our new Attendance Shop was introduced in February 2020, to reward more children for good attendance.  Every child who achieves 100% attendance for the half term, will choose a prize from our Attendance Shop. 


Additionally, each term, any child who has attended 100% and never been late, gets a special certificate.  Any child, who manages to achieve 100% attendance for the year, will receive a special certificate and trophy at our Awards Evening.  For those who just miss the 100% but achieve, more than 96% across the year, there will be a different certificate awarded in our final Attendance Assembly.



Our first excited shoppers at the Attendance Shop.

Some our great attenders ...

Key Attendance Messages and Information


Our School Attendance Target for 2019 - 2020 is 96%


Absence below 90% will be classed as Persistent Absent in line with National guidance.


  • A one week holiday or absence (10 sessions) will reduce overall attendance to below 98%
  • Eight days off (16 sessions) will reduce overall attendance below the target of 96%


You should know:


  • School attendance is compulsory for all children aged between 5 and 16 years
  • Schools must keep registers showing authorised and unauthorised absences in accordance with Government regulations

  • Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure a child's education; failure to do this can lead to legal action

  • Registers are checked regularly and absence queries followed up immediately by our Attendance Officer, Learning Mentors and EWO


Examples of Authorised Absence?

  • Personal illness

  • Medical appointments

  • Religious observance

  • Bereavement

  • Approved sporting activity


Examples of Unauthorised Absence?

  • Time off for birthdays

  • Shopping trips

  • Days out

  • Holidays during term time

  • Persistent lateness after registers have closed

  • Family member’s illness

  • Accompanying a family member to an appointment


Why is good attendance and punctuality important?

  • Regular attendance is vital if your child is to benefit fully from their education

  • Every absence means that vital lessons missed

  • It is easy to fall behind but difficult to make up lost time

  • It is good training for the future

  • It is your legal responsibility


How can parents support good attendance in school?


  • Establish a routine that allows your child to arrive at school, on time, every day

  • Always contact school immediately when your child is absent

  • Call each day of absence unless you have already notified us of a continuing absence eg 48 hours after a stomach bug or recovery time after an operation or contagious disease.


If you are experiencing difficulties getting your child to school on time or have questions/issues relating to poor attendance, please contact the school office on 01977 651291.  Our Attendance Officer, Learning Mentors or Deputy Head will be happy to help.


We will contact parents to ascertain the reasons for their child's absence.  Please contact the School Office by phone to inform us of any absences, select option 1 and leave a message.