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Why do you like learning about other people and their beliefs about life?

Learning about different religions because people believe in different things (y4)

I like having to learn about religions because I am half Christian so I like to learn about different religions (y5)

Different religions because it learns you about the different people in the world. (y6)


What are some of the things you have discussed in RE this term?

We have been drawing where we think God lives. We have learnt about the bible. It’s what Christens read and it’s all about God. (y1)

We’ve been learning about Islam and Christianity and the different Gods they believe in. (y4)

We’ve been learning about questions on whether God is real. A polytheist believes there is more than one God. A Monotheists believes there is one God. Some religions believe there is more than one God. (y5)


What kind of important questions do you ask in RE??

I put my hand up quite a lot and ask lots of questions. I like to know who different symbols mean. (y5)


How do you know what to do to improve your work in RE?

I need to improve on which God’s are which and which religion they belong to. We could use a word wall but we don’t have one. (y5)



What have your learnt this term that you didn’t know before?

That God is all over the world. (y1)

I’ve learnt about Islam. It is not called a Church, it is called a Mosque. (y3)

About what Jesus did to other Christians, like heel the poor, make miracles, raise people from the dead. (y4)

Whether people would ask if God is real. I didn’t realise God was an important as he is. (y5)

I didn’t know that there were so many religions. (y6)



What would make your learning in RE even better?

Visiting the Church. Making models (y2)

Visits to a mosque. People to talk to us about different religions (y4)

If we could make more sculptures. If some people from different religions come to speak to us and we could have a go at something they do and decide if we want to believe that. (y5)