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What do you like learning about in your ICT lessons?

How to learn about which way like on Beebots we need to know how to get to the places and make a map. Mrs Lakin is going to hide some treasure and we will have to find it. (y1)

Scratch. You can make your own game and use your ideas. (y4)

How to use the Scratch program. (y5)

E-safety because we can create posters. (y6)


Do you enjoy learning about ICT?

Yes because we always do something on the Ipads and I like doing it. (y1)

Yes because it is fun doing things you might not have done before. (y2)

Yes because you get to like explore, play games and create your own games. You get to work in partners that makes your friendships stronger. (y4)

Yes because I love technology. (y6)




What have your learnt this term that you didn’t know before?

All about Scratch. It is a game where you can make up and create your own games. (y4)


Do you get the chance to learn about E-safety?

Yes. You should only use the internet of someone tells you you can and if you don’t ask a grown up you don’t know if you can use it or not. (y1)

Yes. If an ad pops up you have to tell a teacher and they will help you get it off. (y4)