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What happens in your classroom during PSHCE lessons?

'We sit in circles and we look good and bad choices and negatives' - Year 1

'We sit in circles and we work in groups'  - Year 2

'We sit in circles and sometimes we play games' - Year 3

'We talk about families and how they are different' - Year 4 

'We talk about feelings and what we want to do when we are older' - Year 5 

'We have little tasks to do on our tables, sometimes in groups or in pairs' - Year 6 


What do you enjoy most about PSHCE in school?

I enjoy having fun and taking care of people and working with our partners' - Year 1

' I enjoy learning new things each time and staying safe; - year 2 

' I like looking at different families' - Year 3

' I like talking about my feelings, using the jigsaws and circle times' - Year 4

'I enjoy learning about different people' - Year 5 

'Sharing our ideas and thoughts with other people and know their thoughts and feelings. It’s interesting to know others dreams and goals. ' Year 6 


Positive findings

  • Most children find PSHCE fun and enjoy it
  • The children could talk about some more recent PSHCE lessons they have taken part in
  • In KS1 and LKS2 a range of resources are used to deliver and teach PSHCE.
  • Most children could identify who taught them for PSHCE
  • Children recognised PSHcE is a lot about discussion and team work.