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Autumn Term

KS2 PUPIL VOICE- December 2021

Completed by Steph Greenwood and Reading Ambassadors 


Do you enjoy reading? 

- yes, It helps me to find out about things 

- It takes me away from reality

-I like having time to just sit and read by myself

-Yes, especially Tom Gates books!

-I prefer to read information texts because I can learn new facts 



What do you like about reading lessons?

-speed read warm up ‘it’s fun and fast’.

-reading all different types of texts each week different to my reading book

-reading about different themes

-I like the inference games when we play True or false and have to find evidence

- I like the scanning warm up, its

-Learning about different things during reading

-Sometimes when the text links to our learning in class

-The lessons are fun

-The skimming and scanning part where we have to find the words quickly with our highlighters, it’s fun

-seeing if you can be the first one to find the words in the text.

-using the timer to read as fast as we can. My score gets better during the week.

-answering the questions

-getting time to answer the questions by myself

-Doing a book and working in smaller groups

-Reading the text with my friends.


What do you like about Accelerated Reader/not like?

-I enjoy doing the quizzes

-it’s fun to test your knowledge of the book

-I like the quizzes- they are fun

-I like that I can pick my own book in my ZPD instead of being given one to read by my teacher

-Getting points for my quiz scores is good

- Choosing my own book

-I like knowing what my reading age is

-it makes me happy

-you get to quiz during assembly time

-using my laptop to quiz on

-earning points

-looking at my points going up

- trying to read as many words a possible

-sometimes I don’t like the book I read but I  still read it to the end

-non-fiction books are really hard to quiz on. I hardly get any right!