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Mrs Greenwood, Mrs Conlin, Mrs Gregory and Mrs Rose 


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Summer Two Learning Letter

Look at us Zooming with Professor the Lord Robert Winston ....

We loved having the opportunity to talk to such a famous scientist and one that is still living, as we've also looked at the work of Linnaeus in our Living Things and Their Habitats topic.


He told us that we all have the potential to be great scientists.  He said that science wasn't as complicated or difficult as people think it is and that it is really exciting to see something that nobody else has ever seen!  To succeed, he said you had to persist and be prepared to fail!

Amazing Behaviour- an amazing 500 stamps!

Super Science -exploring forces

Parents’ Evening Zoom Meetings and phone calls WB 9.11.20. Looking forward to speaking to you all! 

Our Emma Carroll Zoom Meeting- Wednesday 16th November. Answering all of our ‘Secrets of A Sun King’ related questions 

Wow! Look how many Bumblebees already have 100 stamps

Homework Project- Autumn One

Our Science Project- properties and changes of materials

Gustav Klimt

Replicating the Egyptian technique for creating papyrus paper. We then added hieroglyphs-some are curses and warnings to be placed on tombs so be careful!

We became embalmers for the afternoon, using their mummification techniques

our maths Learning