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This page will once again be  used for some central information relating to the January 2021 lockdown and partial school closures, but much information will continue to be in other sections.

Please see information about Remote Learning on its own section.

Covid-19 Update, March 2022

Children's Mental Health Week 1st February 2021

This page has been actively used during the partial closure of school from March 2020 onwards as a central source of updates and information about a variety of aspects of school life.  It will not be as actively used after September 2020 when all children return to school, but will remain in place for now for any updates specifically linked to the Covid-19 restrictions.


The page still contains useful links to safeguarding and mental healthy resources, but most of these have now been added to the appropriate pages that are normally used.

Details of a home testing service in the Wakefield area

Amendments to GDPR and information sharing during the Covid-19 response:


Please note that for the purposes of the NHS Track and Trace system, implemented during the Covid-19 response,  personal data of those that attend/work at/visit the school may be shared under Data Sharing Advice for Schools - please see the following link to their privacy notice:

Info for the return of all children in September 2020

Holiday Club Info for Summer 2020

For more online safety advice, see the Parents Portal/E-Safety page.

Information about the extension of opening from 29th June

Information about partial school re-opening from 1st June
Videos showing how classrooms will be set up and a summary of the rules that will be in place.

Still image for this video

EYFS Classrooms (Nursery and F2)

Still image for this video
We just wanted to show you our EYFS classrooms ready for Nursery and F2 to come back to school next week.
Children will have staggered start and finish time’s and it is very important these times are strictly adhered too as mentioned in the whole school video.
Only resources that can be cleaned easily will be used by the children during provision and during focused activities.
Children will have allocated ‘playtimes’ where they will be able to play outside with only the children in their ‘bubble’ and at dinner time children will be eating their dinners in the classroom.

Additional health and safety information

Coronavirus School Updates and Plan 

Coronavirus Update 11/5/20

Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced the government’s intention is to start a phased re-opening of schools from 1st June, at the earliest, starting with children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 initially.  This is the current plan but is conditional on the impact of the relaxation of other lockdown restrictions and could change.

I am sure that you will have a lot of questions about that announcement. Like you, we have a number of questions and areas that will need clarifying, following this announcement.

At the moment and in the short term, things remain unchanged.  We remain open for the children of key workers and vulnerable families.  But the safest place for most children, continues to be at home.

We have not yet received any additional information about phased re-opening and only know what was shared in last night’s government briefing.   We expect that we will receive further information and clarification from the DfE shortly.  We will need clarification and guidance about how to start to re-introduce selected children back to school, within social distancing guidelines and to keep them, your families and our staff, safe. 

We are obviously keen to get children back into school, but our top priority has to be the safety of everyone in the school community.  This will only be possible when we have a realistic and manageable plan to meet that objective.

We will keep you updated as more advice and guidance becomes available, as we have done throughout this crisis.  Until these changes, we will continue to open to the same very small number of children, provide help and support to families educating at home and keep in touch with you all.   Thank you for your continued support, during this difficult time.



From the Wakefield Local Authority:

Being at home with the people you live with can be great fun but how do you keep everyone occupied? Do you need helpful information and support around your families health and wellbeing? That’s why we have developed the Wakefield Families Newsletter. It’s full of content and activities we think you’ll find useful; whether it is inspiration for things to do indoors, fun foodie activities, or advice around routines and things like sleep – we’ve got you covered.

Wellbeing resources for children and families:


Tomorrow (18th June)  the Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly for the Oak National Academy during which she will speak about the importance of mental wellbeing among children. The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’ and is based on a lesson plan which is available on the Mentally Healthy Schools platform. This platform was developed in collaboration with children’s mental health charity Place2Be and encourages children to explore ways in which they can show kindness and recognise the benefits of kindness to others.


The assembly will be live on the Oak National Academy website at 11am on Thursday 18 June and can be accessed here:

A recording of the assembly will be available to view on the Oak National Academy website following the event.

A Competition to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week:

A way to celebrate Mental Health Week in our area.
Our local Future in Minds practitioner, Gemma McIntosh has contacted school with a lovely idea to celebrate Mental Health Awareness week this year (18-24th May). She is suggesting coordinating a children's newspaper about 'Kindness' - this year's theme. We have got the chance for our children to submit work that might be included in the final copy of the magazine, although clearly, there may a lot of entries so we need to warn the children that their work might not make it to the final edition (but I'll try to include as much as possible on our website anyway).
She suggests that we might want to ask the children to get creative and produce some short stories/pictures/poems/inspirational quotes all about kindness. For example:
- Give an example of kindness you have seen- that could be self-kindness, a kind act that somebody else has shown, kindness we have shown others or kindness we have shown to others/ nature.
- What does the word ‘kindness’ mean to you?
- How does kindness make you feel?
- Say a big thank you to someone who has done something special for you.
This seems particularly relevant at the moment with so many people pulling together and showing extraordinary kindness!
So if the children would like to take part, please get thinking and send any work to their class teacher via Dojo, email, post etc. The teachers will select the best and then we'll forward the very best to Gemma and keep our fingers crossed.
When you submit your work, please let us know if you wouldn't be happy for their first name to appear with the work if it was selected.
I'm sure that some of the teachers will do some linked activities when they are in school for those children who are attending some or all days so that it doesn't have to be done at home.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what the children create...

Look our for a winning entry from Maisy in Seals ....

Coronavirus self care kit for children.

Class Videos Recorded During Lockdown - keeping in touch with our friends ....

Hedgehogs Class Video

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Rabbits Class Video

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F2 Class Video

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Badgers' Class Video

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Foxes Class!

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We still have time to celebrate our achievements! Check out our learners of the week!

Coronavirus explanation for children. This has been shared by our CIAT advisory teacher.

E-Safety activity packs for children from CEOP - by age
Links to all the packs ....
NEW packs posted 7 May.
Previous pack

Dojo sent 20/3/20 - details of arrangements from 23/3/20:

Arrangements for a Monday
Most children will be at home from Monday. For those children that are in school and we have been notified of this (children cannot just turn up!) here is some information:
The school day will run from 8.30 to 3.30 and we expect children to be here for these times as we will not have sufficient staff to be at doors if children arrive or leave at different times. Breakfast Club is available as normal in the hall between 7.30-8.30 and this will still need additional payment. Please book breakfast club in advance as we need to make sure we have enough staff. We have 4 children booked for breakfast club on Monday. Early Years children will enter and leave school through the Early Years door. KS1 children will enter and leave through the KS1 door. They will be based in Badgers class. All KS2 children will enter and leave through the Kingfisher and Bumblebee outside doors and they will be based in these two classrooms. We have a rota of staff for each day. Not all staff will be in school every day and children will be taught by different staff on different days. Either myself or Mrs Woodgate will be in school every day so there will always be one of us leading the school and able to be contacted. There will not always be someone in the school office so please bear this in mind.
Each day will be very different. There will be different activities on different days. The days will be very different to normal school days as we are largely providing a child care facility. We will still do some great things which will hopefully be good fun and there will certainly be plenty of learning.
Children do not need to wear school uniform. The school kitchens are working as normal so children may have a school dinner or packed lunch. If you normally pay for school dinners this will still be the case.
I’m sure that there will be many things that we will only realise next week as we get started but please ask any questions if there is information that you need that I have forgotten to include.
If we aren’t going to see you for a while please keep safe and we look forward to seeing everyone back together as soon as possible. Take care everyone. Look after each other

Should I be keeping my child at home?  The simple answer is YES.  Unless your child is classed as vulnerable, or you are classed and a Key Worker AND can't find any alternative way to keep your child at home, they should be staying at home.  This document helps clarify the situation:


As part of its response to Coronavirus, the government has asked schools to ensure that children who are entitled to Free School Meals are provided for whilst school is closed.  If these children are in school (vulnerable groups or from key worker families), they will continue to receive a dinner at school. as normal.   For those not in school during the closure, we are will be providing packed lunches which can be collected daily, for any families that request them.


Web sites and resources for distance learning

Coronavirus Updates


Please find below a list of useful web sites for advice about the virus and updates and information from school.

The Department of Education Coronavirus helpline is on 0800 0468687.