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Crime and Exploitation

DSLs in school have access to the Police Partnership Intelligence Portal (PIP) to report or share any intelligence that doesn't need an immediate eg 999, response.


The Partnership Intelligence Portal (PIP) provides a platform to share information with West Yorkshire Police (WYP) in a safe, protected, and direct way.

The type of information shared could cover a variety of areas, such as:

  • Information about a concerning incident
  • Suspicious activity
  • An unusual exchange between two or more people
  • Something that makes a professional uncomfortable

This information helps build a picture of our district’s communities and any concerns or criminal activity that could be taking place – helping to inform police’s priorities and any action taken.

By being able to understand local issues, which otherwise may not be known, it better allows the police to help keep communities safe. For example, information from different sources may enable the police to identify hotspots and areas where child exploitation is taking place.

Community Alert - information from the police