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E-Safety & Safeguarding

School want to help keep you safe and feel safe.  If you don't feel safe, talk to your family, friends or someone in school or call or link to one of the organisations below - there will always be somebody who can help you.

In school, you can talk to anyone and if your teacher, TA or lunch time supervisor thinks you need a bit more help, they'll talk to Mrs Winter or one of the safeguarding team: Mrs Vaughan, Mrs Grimshaw, Mr Rose or Mrs Rose.


If you are feeling safe but worried about how you feel, use the Mental Health page underneath this one.

An app for you to use to help keep yourself safe on line! So ask your parent or carer for the school code for children or ask your teacher if your parents or carers aren't sure.

Things in School

The Keeping You Safe display has copies of key documents for your safety.

Fun Stuff