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Deer - Year 3 - Miss Crozier - phase leader

Seals - Year 3/4 - Mrs Harrington-Bromwich

Butterflies - Year 4 - Mrs Rands


Support Staff

Mrs Davies

Mrs Baines



Mrs Conlin



In LKS2 we aim to develop children's independence and metacognition skills (understanding of their thought processes). Children are encouraged to use a range of self-help strategies to support themselves in their learning, to allow them to become more effective learners and prepare them for the future. (For example, using concrete apparatus in maths, using dictionaries to improve their spelling accuracy, editing their work based upon feedback from others, sharing ideas with their peers, utilising their strengths and talents, amongst other things!) Children are also encouraged to discuss their ideas and explain their reasoning for decisions, to develop a deeper level of understanding of the concepts being taught.


Team work is also a key part of our learning in LKS2. Children are given varied opportunities to collaborate with their peers, through partner and small group work. This allows them to develop their inter-personal  and social skills, again allowing them to become more effective learning and preparing them for the future. Children are encouraged to respect each other, listen carefully to the ideas of others, collaborate with each other, adapt their ideas and support each other, so that every child can achieve the best possible outcomes. 


In LKS2 we aim to provide children with a range of learning opportunities, to stimulate their interest and allow them to make progress in their skills and knowledge. Fun is at the heart of our learning and we want children to enjoy coming to school each day.

Information about the statutory multiplication tables check (MTC) taking place in the 3 weeks from June 6th 2022.

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