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Modern Foreign Language

French Statement of Curriculum Intent

At Northfield Primary School we want to promote a love of learning languages and a fascination for how language works. We teach MFL in Key Stage 2 taking into consideration the primary MFL entitlement as set out in the National Curriculum 2014 but we also intend to provide extra-curricular learning in MFL at Key Stage 1 from November 2021. The main language we study is French in order to support transition to Key Stage 3. French is taught as a coherent programme from Year 3 to Year 6 using the scheme written by Rachel Redfearn (Wakefield Council) and published by La Jolie Ronde. French may be taught by the class teacher or by an external subject specialist.

Reading and Writing

We want all our children to leave KS2 with a good understanding of how to read words in French with accurate pronunciation. Whenever we teach a group of words or a list of vocabulary, we focus pupils’ attention on the sound-spelling link, so that pupils become increasingly confident at decoding as they move through KS2. In teaching the grapheme-phoneme correspondence, we focus on both individual letters (with a particular focus on letters with accents that affect pronunciation) and on common graphemes, e.g. oi – noir, au revoir, bon soir, trois. These are introduced gradually across the four years of study, with teachers identifying common sounds across a group of words either through a list, a rhyme or through song.

We want our children to know that the word order in French may be different to the word order in English and be able to use a bilingual dictionary. We want our children to be confident in learning vocabulary and understanding how to commit words to memory. Children and staff need to appreciate the importance of learning high-frequency language and have the opportunity to read and appreciate stories, poems and rhymes in French. Our children will have the opportunity to understand and respond to language from authentic sources and will be confident to write in French, integrating new language into previously learned language. Children in KS2 write the day and date in French in all their subject exercise books to ensure regular use and relevance of the language and respond to their daily register in French.

 It is intended that pupils will confidently be able to apply their phonic knowledge by the end of Year 6 and attempt to read unfamiliar vocabulary with increasing accuracy. This ensures that pupils join Key Stage 3 with a good ‘grounding’ in key pronunciation rules, which supports very effective transition to further language study.

Speaking and Listening

We want our children to be confident in pronouncing common graphemes, developing confidence with pronunciation and intonation. They will listen to a variety of French materials both during French lessons and also during class reading times. Each class in KS2 will have a key French text to explore each half term.

Developing Grammatical Understanding

We want our children to have an understanding of the key concepts of gender and adjectival agreement and an appreciation of how language works, recognising the relationship between subject and verb. We want our children to have fluency in using high frequency verbs to form sentences e.g. when describing family – J’ai un frère, il a 8 ans. Je suis petite. Our children need to understand how gender affects other words within a sentence: une grande maison.

Becoming a linguist/developing language learning strategies

We want our children to become linguists who are curious to understand the language and keen to explore French and other languages as they move to Key Stage 3

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