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Novel Study

''If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.''
                                   ~ Martin Luther

Our Writing Lead is: Miss Lunn

Our Writing Ambassadors 

Writing Curriculum Intention 

At Northfield we believe to become literate, children need to understand that writing is a representation of speech, and that both come in a variety of forms linked to purpose. At Northfield Primary we understand that these aspects of language are inextricably linked, and can rarely be taught or experienced discretely. As a result, Speaking and listening has a high profile, as good oral work enhances pupils’ understanding of how language is the vehicle for communication in both oral and written forms. We believe that exposing children to a wide range of literature enhances the children’s language, imagination and excitement for writing. To promote this we use a range of novels that children study in depth to use as a base for their writing. Children are also exposed to writing in other curriculum areas and where possible a cross curricular approach is always taken. Again, allowing children ample opportunity to express their opinions and thoughts through a range of written pieces.

Novel- Led Approach to Writing


At Northfield, we believe that writing is strengthened by instilling a love for reading within our pupils. We believe that pupils who are provided a reason for writing demonstrate flair and effective writing composition, leading to high quality outcomes. We aim to provide our pupils with rich opportunities to use the language and vocabulary skills that they have acquired in reading in writing sessions.




      Rainbow Room                           Year 1&2                                        Year 3 &4                                        Year 5 & 6

Above: Our Novel Study texts for Spring Term


Every half term, the English curriculum is taught by studying a high quality novel where writing opportunities are derived from this. Novel Study usually starts with a launch, where a series of ‘hook’ lessons are planned to  excite the children and generate a real buzz for the novel. During the launch, children will make inferences and predictions about the text after exploring a curiosity kit- a selection of key items that link to the novel. The children are taught to develop an in depth understanding of the novel - exploring the key themes, events, and plot.  Children are then supported in how to apply the content taught through a high quality modelled text, before progressing to plan, write and re-draft a written piece which is fit for purpose and audience. 





Spelling practice is timetabled regularly in all classes with additional practice set as homework. In KS1 RWI helps children to learn spellings with common patterns and uses rules in order to help them recall spellings as well as teaching exceptions to these rules.

When children have completed the RWI programme, we use Spelling Shed and other activities to help children learn word lists for a weekly test. These lists often link to a spelling rule that is being taught but also include words that children need to learn, e.g. common exception words or words for a particular class topic.




Our Learning Environments 

Working Walls 

Working walls are regularly updated to ensure learning is documented within a unit of work. Class teachers ensure that the writing process is clearly evident on working walls, with modelled examples being available to all pupils as the sequence of lessons develops


Word Walls 

We explore ambitious vocabulary in our writing lessons and across the wider curriculum to ensure we acquire an understanding of tricky language. Class teachers use the word walls to regularly introduce new vocabulary.  We hope that by displaying vocabulary in an accessible form, pupils begin to use this vocabulary in every day discussions and within their independent writing. 


                    KS1                                                               LKS2                                                            UKS2


3D Novel Study Displays 
Within our classrooms, each class will have a 3D display  linked to the novel, again used as a hook, and a tool to inspire writing.


   The Big Big Sea KS1      Through the Magic Mirror KS1           Jumanji LKS2                    Stig of the Dump LKS2




                                                                                    Flotsam UKS2                   Secrets of a Sun King UKS2


Launch Days 
Launch days really enthused children and created motivated, creative and active learners. All children really get on board with each text and many have sought out opportunities to take their learning further both at school and at home. Amazing!


Through the Magic Mirror KS1                      Stig of the Dump LKS2



                            Flotsam UKS2


Curiosity Kits 
Curiosity kits are items that will intrigue the children to begin to infer and predict about characters, settings, themes and plot. Our curiosity lessons inspire huge amounts of purposeful discussion, reading and writing. 


       Jumanji LKS2                                     Flotsam UKS2                                 Secrets of a Sun King UKS2


At Northfield we celebrate children's successes in writing 


A  daily star writer award is given to children EYFS and KS1 children to ensure regular writing and love for writing.  




Children are regularly sent to the head teacher, deputy and assistant head teacher to celebrate amazing writing.
They are rewarded with special senior leader awards and a photograph is shared with parents. 




Achiever of the week certificate could be awarded for amazing writing with an invitation to
afternoon tea with the head teacher.