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Parent Voice

Northfield Primary School always welcomes feedback from its parents and carers.  

A selection of comments from parents and carers at our most recent Parents' Evening in March 2020.


We are very happy with all the support that both X and us as parents receive from his teachers.  We feel very included in his leaning and development and can’t speak highly enough of the staff and school environment.  Thank you so much!

Very happy with everything.

Great supportive teachers.

Love how the Rainbow Room is making so much difference and is helping X enjoy learning and school.

X is happy, doing very well at school and the teachers she has are lovely.  Do just want this to keep up.  X is coming on loads with writing/learning etc.  So thank you to you all for helping my daughter be who she is today since starting Northfield School.  She’s a very bright little girl and I am so so proud.

Love how much progress X is making and the staff in nursery are brilliant with them.

Nursery is very good at communicating. X really enjoys it and is learning new things daily.

Fantastic.  Thank you for everything!

X enjoys school and the range of opportunities that are available to her through after school clubs.

Very nice school.  Thank you.

Both my children attend the school.  If I have any concerns, they’re always addressed.  All the staff are helpful and dedicated.  Thank you for all your hard work!

Additional Feedback from Parents' Evening - March 2020



In addition to the usual paper survey and access to Parent View online, sheets were available for parents and carers to comment on 3 areas of school, specifically around communications and how school engages with families, although feedback was wider than that.

Going Well:

  • Perfect.
  • Teachers always willing to have a quick chat about children.
  • Dojo- fantastic to get to know what’s happening and to message teachers!
  • Dojo – great communication tool.
  • Amazing teachers.   Children happy to come to school.
  • PE – Elite Coaches– awesome, more of it.


Ideas and Suggestions:

  • After school clubs – think outside the box, not the same stuff eg fun with numbers, steaming and electronics,  Lego club
  • Drama club – language and music


Could be Better:

  • Dojo is great for updates but letters with dates/something on Dojo (or another app) with a diary/calendar feature would be great.  And/or a ‘finder’ button.

Natter at Northy


Natter at Northy is an informal and social gathering of parents and carers that happens every half term.  There is no fixed agenda which allows parents and carers to gather over a cup of tea or coffee and chat amongst themselves and with Mrs Woodgate, our Deputy Head.   This format has been really useful in helping parents and carers to understand more about how school operates, offer suggestions and ideas, give feedback about school from their perspective and support each other.  All parents and carers are welcome to the events which are publicised on Dojo, so just turn up and join in.

Friends of Northfield


Friends of Northfield is the recently re-formed Parent Support group for school.  Friends of Northfield's aim is to plan and run events for the benefit of school including discos and Christmas and Summer Fairs, with the aim of raising money for additional resources within school.  Friends is made up primarily of parents and carers, with a couple of school staff as well.  New members very welcome - just come along to our next meeting.

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