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Pupil Voice at Northfield

The voice of our pupils is very important to us and we hear it everywhere including in surveys, pupil interviews, our School Council and via our Subject Ambassadors. 

Q –Tell me about our school.

A – “School is good because it helps people to get brainier.”

Jack L


Q –Tell me about lessons.

A – “Lessons are made fun and often practical.”

Jack B

Q –Tell me what visitors to Northfield would see.

A – “Visitors to school would find out that our lessons are interactive.”


Wellbeing Survey April 2021

In April 2021 when the children had had a few weeks to get used to being back in school, we ran our Safeguarding Survey to judge wellbeing and feedback from children,. The results (published in May) were compared to the survey from September 2019, prior to Covid.  A number of areas will be followed up with groups of children to understand their concerns in more detail.


Note:  A few questions for example with younger children reflect their age, ie answers referring to not feeling safe in school because they might fall over and hurt themselves and a number of children said they didn't know anyone in school to talk to but then named members of staff, so some answers appear lower than the reality,  for these reasons.  However, this does not take away from areas to follow up where children don't feel happy or safe or are unhappy about behaviour.


The survey allowed us to 'check-in' with any pupils that we hadn't already predicted would need someone to talk to following lockdown about their worries or questions.  A number indicated to that they would like to talk to someone (as well as ticking no worries/concerns) as they simply wanted to update us on what had been happening in their lives recently.

Pupil Premium Pupil Voice interviews:

How do you think you are doing in your learning?  How do you know?

I'm doing really well.  I know because I went to Afternoon Tea.

I got stamps in my planner.

I look back in my work to see if it's getting neater.  Your teacher tells you.

From Pupil Voice work during a PIE (Partners in Excellence Day with a reading focus:


How do you know reading is important?

Reading is all around our school.

We do reading lessons every day.

Reading is on our displays.

Reading is completed in other lessons.


What helps you to be a more confident reader?

The working walls in our classrooms.

The teacher reading to us.


What has been introduced at make reading better at Northfield?

A new book after the holidays.

Reading corners in all classrooms with books that we can read that we haven't seen before.

The reading tree and the book shop.

New novel study books that I have never heard of before, like The Viewer.

The Voice of children in The Club

The older children enjoyed the meetings we have as it 'made them feel grown up and they could input their ideas.' 

"We get the chance to try new stuff and learn new stuff."

Children enjoyed the fact that Mince Pie tasting at Christmas made them try something new and they discovered that they liked them. This was our most popular activity so far.

Some children are working hard at the Ocarina lunch club so that they'll be ready to perform in assembly.

In the Spring Term, children were asked how they knew what to do to improve their work in ICT:

I ask my partner first then my teacher. (Y2)

Listen, look at what you need to do. (Y3)

By checking it (Y3)

You get marked on it and keep trying to get in right (Y5)

Look at back what I have done before (Y4)

Practice and research and asking questions (Y6)

Practice (Y1)


From the Spring Term RE survey:

What important questions could you ask in RE?

Why do we have different religions? (Y5)

When did God begin? When did he start to exist? (Y2)

Which religion belongs to which place of worship? (Y6)

What are different religions beliefs? (Y6)


Why do you think RE is important in today's society?

So you know about the existence of different religions and follow the rules they have. All religions want people to love each other that is what they share. (Y2)

To understand all religions (Y4)

To understand other people's beliefs better (Y4)

We live in a multicultural world (Y6)

Because we can learn about different people and what they think so we can understand them (Y3)

To understand that different people have different beliefs and that we should respect them 


October 2019 - Children's Safeguarding Survey

(an update planned for later in the year had to be postponed due to Covid restrictions).


The survey and a presentation used in a Safeguarding assembly to share the results