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RE Coordinator: Miss Rebecca Richardson

Re Ambassadors 2019/20

It is the responsibility of the RE ambassadors to actively promote RE at Northfield.

We meet fortnightly to discuss all topic/issues RE related.  

Say hello to our lead ambassador.
These are our RE ambassadors.

At Northfield we follow the Wakefield Agreed Syllabus for RE.

Our INTENT for RE is to use a range of strategies to allow children to think and consider the big questions that the RE curriculum brings.  We aim to ensure that all thinking and reflection time is purposeful and leads to deeper learning. To ensure that this happens, we are mindful of thinking and reflection when planning units of work that consider big questions.  


Our primary school curriculum works with the SACRE agreed syllabus for Wakefield, and it aims to challenge children to learn about a range of religions and non-religious worldviews whilst also considering the big questions of life.  At our school we want to ensure that our children go out into the world with the knowledge and skills to understand the beliefs of others and live in today’s diverse and ever changing world.  Our curriculum plans aim to give our children the opportunities to learn about religion and non-religious worldviews in a variety of ways for example: through art, music, drama and dance as well as through discussion and more formal writing opportunities.


All children at Northfield take part in weekly RE lessons that cover the five main religions. Throughout the year each year group goes on a visit to a place of worship.


Academic Year 2019/20

EYFS: Wedding at South Kirkby Church

KS1: Visit a Mosque 

LKS2: Comparing South Kirkby Church with Wakefield Cathedral

UKS2: Compare and contrast a Mosque, a synagogue and Kirkstall Abbey

Northfield RE Long Term Plan 2019/20

Key Vocabulary By Religion

Floor Books

At Northfield we are very proud of our Floor Books, which we use across Key Stages to collect evidence of children's thinking, discussion and application of RE across the year. They contain annotated photographs of the children engaging in learning opportunities and experiences, a brief description of the focus for learning, context, experiences, opportunities, questioning and discussions, with links to the Agreed RE Syllabus for Wakefield (2018-23).

Our Floor Books demonstrate children's thinking, ideas, suggestions, predictions, and links in their learning and their Key Question for that half term and are an opportunity for the children to look back at what they have learnt over the course of the year and these feed into our Pupil Voice.


RE in KS2

Links within the community

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At Northfield we have built relationships with a number of different vicars and pastors from around the area. They come in regularly to our school to hold assemblies.
Father Paul from South Kirkby Church comes in half termly for collective worship assemblies. He is also working alongside myself (RE leader) and our Key Stage leaders to plan their RE trips. He has links with local Mosques, Synagogues, Monasteries and Gurdwaras, as well as local Churches, Cathedrals and Abbeys.

A Christmas Prayer.

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At Northfield Primary school we have a good relationship with the vicar at our local Church, South Kirkby Church. From this academic year (2019/20) we have started to visit the church at Christmas and we will be going at Easter. The vicar also comes into school half termly to speak to the children during assembly. This half term he spoke to them about Remembrance Day and Christmas.
Christmas at South Kirkby Church
KS1 and KS2 visited South Kirkby Church at Christmas. They sang Christmas hymns, performed segments of the Christmas story and talked about Christingle and what the different parts mean. It was a lovely morning.