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Our science leader is

Mrs Harrington-Bromwich

Our Science ambassadors 

What is science like at Northfield primary?

Here is what our amazing science ambassadors have to say! (October 2021)


Science in our school is great when...
"We do experiments."

"We explore questions to find out new things."

"We use equipment and don't do any writing!"

"We go outside and find minibeasts."

"We have visitors in school like Professor Bubbleworks, who blew things up!"

"We find out about famous scientists like Charles Darwin."


I love science because...

"It is interesting and fun."

"We get to do experiments and investigations."

"You get to use things like microscopes and magnifying glasses to look closely at things."

"We learn about nature and go outside to find animals and their habitats."

"You never know the answer."


In science, I have learnt...

"That if you put blue food colouring into water with white flowers in it, the flowers turn blue because the water gets transported through tubes in the stem to the petals."

"About inheritance and evolution and Charles Darwin."

"The names of lots of different trees and how evergreen and deciduous trees are different."

"About how your eye colour is determined by your parents and grandparents eye colour."

"That is doesn't always snow in Winter!"


My favourite scientist is... because...

"Marie Curie because she helped find cancer treatments which has helped lots of people today."

"Charles Darwin because he found out that humans descended from monkeys."

"Mary Anning because she went looking for fossils on the beach which turned out to be dinosaurs, but she wasn't very famous at the time because she was a woman'.

"Greta Thunberg because she is trying to stop global warming, which will help us in the future."


One things I would change about science at our school is...


"I want to do more experiments because they are fun."

"To have a science club so I can do more science."

"I want to do more science."

"I want to use the equipment more to explore, rather than being told what I need to do."






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