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This Pupil Voice was completed online using Survey Monkey due to the Coronavirus Lockdown. 


What are some of the things you have learnt in ICT this term?

To do a cooking programme (Y1)

I have learnt how to be safe on the internet. (Y2)

Inputs and outputs (Y3)

To stay safe online. (Y3)

How to design a toy (Y3)

Making things move on scratch (Y3)

Make a game (Y4)

How to use scratch (Y4)

How to test games (Y4)

How to do a PowerPoint (Y5)

Online safety (Y6)


What kind of technology do you use at school?

Ipads, computers, smart board. (Y3)

My son stated that he uses iPads and PC’s; but I as a parent I have seen teachers using large tv screens as a teaching aid (Y4)

Ipads and computers (Y4)

Pads and computers (Y5)

Ipad, computers, teachers use laptops and white screens (Y5)


How do you know what to do to improve your work in ICT?

I ask my partner first then my teacher. (Y2)

Listen, look at what you need to do. (Y3)

By checking it (Y3)

Ask teachers or look on Google (Y4)

he teacher gives us ideas on what to do (Y6)

Practice and research and asking questions (Y6)


How often do you use ICT in other lessons/subjects?

I use it to research in other lessons. (Y2)

In maths and science (Y3)

Sometimes in maths - TT rockstars (Y4)


Do you enjoy learning about Computing?

It’s my favourite subject - it’s a subject I want my son to pursue since he wants to work for Mi5 or police analyst. (Y4)


What have your learnt this term that you didn’t know before?

Recording (Y1)

How to copy and paste (Y3)

What inputs and outputs are. (Y3)

Use scratch programme (Y4)

How to save a file (Y5)

How to hyperlink (Y6)


Do you learn about E-safety?

Yes by watching videos. (Y2)

Yes we talk about it in assembly and during our lessons. (Y3)

In assemblies there is discussions about (Y4)

Yes. We get taught about e safety (Y6)

Yes, our teachers teach us (Y6)


What would make your learning in ICT even better?

Youtubers could come to teach us. (Y2)

Having more time (Y3)

I would like to do more print outs on the computer to show what we’ve done (Y3)

Learning a variety of different skills and techniques. Using different software, making the lesson as important as reading and maths, lessons to be longer and regular. (y4)

Using computers or ipads for more lessons (Y4)