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This Pupil Voice was completed online using Survey Monkey due to the Coronovirus Lockdown. 


What are some of the things you have discussed in your RE lessons this term?

About Jesus, all the religious events (y3)

We’ve learnt about different religions eg Jewish Christians god Jesus muslims (y3)

Things religious people use in church (y5)

What happens when you die (y6)


What have your learnt this term that you didn’t know before?

I didn’t know that Muslims write Allah using different letters than when you wrote it in English. (y2)

That you had to give something up for lent (y3)

That there are lots of different religions (y3)

Jesus life and stories (y4)

About Palm Sunday (y4)

About different places regions use to pray (y4)

About the things people use in church (y5)

That there were different types of Christians (y5)

The Jewish Tora is written from right to left (y6)


Do you enjoy RE? (please tell me why)

Yes definitely because we learn about the past and present. We learn about how people live. (y2)

Yes cos it's fun and interesting (y3)

Yes, because it's fun to learn about different people (y4)

Yes because you learn about different people and what their life is like (y6)


What important questions can you ask in RE? Can you give me an example?

When did God begin? When did he start to exist? When did religious symbols be created and why? What food do Jewish people eat at festivals? (y2)

When was Jesus born when did he die when did he come back to life? (y3)

Who sacrificed Jesus? (y4)

Why do we have different religions? (y5)

Why are the items used in church, used? (y5)

Which religion belongs to which place of worship? (y6)

What are different religions beliefs? (y6)


Why do you think RE is important in today's society?

So you know about the existence of different religions and follow the rules they have. All religions want people to love each other that is what they share. (y2)

Because we can learn about different people and what they think so we can understand them (y3)

To understand all religions (y4)

To understand other people's beliefs better (y4)

To understand that different people have different beliefs and that we should respect them (y6)

We live in a multicultural world (y6)


If you could plan an RE lesson, what would the subject be and what activities would you do?

First I would teach about all the different ways of praying (in different religions). Then I would look at religious symbols and ask the children to design a religious symbol of their own. (y2)

Drawing/modelling artwork of gods (y4)

Going to different places of worship (y6)

Learn about different places of worship and make a sculpture (y6)