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Staff at Northfield

Meet the Team
Mrs V Vaughan - Headteacher, French & Reading Lead
Mrs R Mitchell - School Business Manager
Mrs C Cotterill - Office Administrator
Mrs N Dawson - Attendance Officer
Mrs H Woodgate - Deputy Head, DSL and PP Lead
Mrs J Lee-Wright-Assistant Head EYFS Lead RWI Lead
Mrs K Grimshaw - SENCO & Inclusion Lead, Teacher
Mr R Rose - Learning Mentor
Mrs B Rose - Learning Mentor
Miss R Richardson, Teacher, RE & Computing Leader
Mrs N Winter, Teacher, History & Geography Leader
Mrs M Hutchinson - Nursery Nurse
Mrs N Martin - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Townend- Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Watson -1:1 SEND Teaching Assistant
Miss M Hodson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Turner - Teacher, KS1 Leader and PSHE Lead
Miss A Kaur - Teacher, Art & DT Leader
Mrs Harrington-Bromwich - Teacher, Science Leader
Mrs N Lakin - Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Bray - Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Harrison - Teaching Assistant
Miss S Crozier - Teacher, Raising Standards Leader
Mr D Mitchell - Teacher, LKS2 Leader
Mrs D Rands - Teacher, Behaviour Leader
Miss B Hampshire - Teacher, Maths & Music Leader
Mrs S Greenwood - Teacher, UKS2 Leader
Mrs E Jones-Brooks - Teacher, PE Leader
Miss K Lunn - Teacher, Writing Leader
Mrs Baines - 1:1 SEND Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Davies - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Sheridan 1:1 SEND Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Gregory - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Aspey - 1:1 SEND Teaching Assistant
Miss C Freear - 1:1 SEND Teaching Assistant
Mr M Hames - 1:1 SEND Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Hough - 1:1 SEND Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Hirsch - Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Conlin - HLTA
Miss N Glennon - HLTA
Mrs K Broom - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Wright - Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Twiby - Teaching Assistant
The Communication Resource Team
Miss K Saxton - Resource Base Manager
Mrs M Williams - Specialist Learning Support (Res)
Miss K Edginton- Specialist Learning Support (Res)
Mrs K Roebuck - Specialist Learning Support (Res)
Mrs T Hanson - Specialist Learning Support (Res)
Miss C Ledger - Specialist Learning Support (Res)
Ms T Christian - Specialist Learning Support (Res)
Miss K Dockerty - Specialist Learning Support (Res)
Mrs C Bradley - Specialist Learning Support (Res)