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Our KS1 team. 


KS1 Phase Leader: Mrs Turner. 


KS1 teachers: 

Otters class (Year 1) - Mrs Harrington-Bromwhich

Foxes class (Year 1/2) - Mrs Turner 

Badgers class (Year 2) - Miss Kaur


Teaching support assistants: 

Mrs Bray 

Mrs Lakin 

Mrs Ely 

Mrs Twiby - RWI specialist 






Key Stage One Curriculum 


In key stage One, we work on a two year rolling curriculum programme, this ensures that every child covers the same subjects and topics during their time in KS1 and at the same time study something new each year. We teach the same topics every other year, therefore a topic that one child studies in Year 2 another may study whilst in Year 1 and vice versa and as all lessons are differentiated the children will be taught each subject at a level suitable to them.

On this page you will find both the current long term plan and next years long term plan. This will inform you about what your child is currently learning and future learning for those children in year 1. 


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