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Rabbits - Nursery

Welcome to Rabbits (Nursery)


At Northfield Primary School the Early Years curriculum is designed to encourage independent, inquisitive and happy lifelong learners. We recognise children’s prior learning and their various starting points and aim to provide a curriculum that allows them to broaden their experiences, develop their knowledge and understanding and skills that will prepare them for the challenges in reception, Key Stage one and beyond.

We provide a learning environment that is language rich and helps children to achieve their potential and supports those who need additional help to develop and progress with their learning. We prioritise personal, social and emotional development and communication and language within our curriculum so that children learn the skills to listen, speak and behave positively and with kindness towards others. We understand that every child is unique and we acknowledge and promote children’s interests to provide them with opportunities to follow their imagination and creativity.

Children are given opportunities to lead their own learning and follow their individual interests balanced with structured teacher led activities.

During their time in Foundation Stage children work towards the Early Learning Goals: children are expected to meet most of these by the end of their reception year across the seven areas of learning and development. These seven areas are split into Prime and Specific areas of learning. 



Communication and Language: Listening; Attention and Understanding; Speaking 

Personal Social and Emotional Development: Self-Regulation; Managing Self; Building relationships

Physical Development: Gross Motor Skills; Fine Motor Skills



Literacy: Comprehension; Word Reading; Writing

Mathematics: Number; Numerical Patterns

Understanding The World: Past and Present; People, Culture and Communities; The Natural World

Expressive Arts and Design: Creating with Materials; Being Imaginative


The children learn through a balance of child-initiated and adult directed activities and challenges.  We always provide access to continuous provision which the children can access independently. Within the provision, children learn through playing, exploring, talking, questioning, reflecting and interacting with adults and each other. Adults work with children within the provision to model quality talk and move learning on based on the needs of the individual. 

Both maths and phonics are taught as small teacher or teacher assistant focus groups.  Adults work closely with these small groups on carefully tailored activities which are then accessible within the provision to move their learning on, based on children's specific next steps. 

Phonics initially focusses on children learning to listen carefully and distinguish between different sounds. These sounds include everyday sounds, body and voice sounds and instrument sounds. Before the end of the children’s time in nursery we begin to teach children to orally blend words and to recognise some letters through the Read Write Inc programme which is delivered in small focus groups.


Throughout our continuous provision, both indoor and outdoor, purposeful opportunities are provided to encourage talk, reading, writing and mathematics.  This encourages children to apply their knowledge and skills in different ways and develop their independence. 



We keep a record of children’s development throughout their time in Foundation Stage in the form of a learning journey on Evidence Me. We include photos, milestones and observations of what children do and say. These are used to track individual's stages of development and are shared regularly with parents and carers.


Parents and other family members are invited to share children’s achievements that occur outside school, these are passed onto staff and it allows us to build up a more rounded picture of children’s development and interests. Children are given the opportunity to share these with their peers in our Achievement assemblies.


What we are learning about this year (2022-23)


Autumn 1: Into the Woods


Autumn 2:   Special Times


Spring 1: Once Upon a Time


Spring 2: Superheros


Summer 1: Me and My Outdoor World


Summer 2: Globe Trotters