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Welcome to Nestlings class 


Provides pupils with a small structured setting which provides a safe environment by following a familiar routine. The bespoke curriculum includes the core subjects you would expect such as early reading skills and RWI (Read Write Inc.), English and Math. 


In addition interventions are delivered daily to meet the special educational needs of pupils such as: early language skills and building vocabulary, structured play opportunities to build their basic early play skills and fine motor activities to support their development of handwriting/mark making and self-help skills. Pupils are supported to develop language in order to communicate their basic needs and wishes.


Literacy Sounds

Learners have opportunities to begin to develop their listening skills and recognise sounds around them. This is done through familiar nursery rhymes, exploration of sound and stories.  



Planned daily sensory diet opportunities according to individual needs as advised by Occupational Therapy Services. For example these can include, therapy putty programme to strengthen hands, balance activities such as use of large therapy balls and visual and tactile stimulus.